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Our Services & Products

  • Lower Limb Assesment
  • Running Analysis
  • Therapeutic Footwear
  • Paediatrics
  • Cycling
  • Custom Shoemaking
  • Congenital abnormalities
  • Orthoses and Orthotics

We conduct lower limb assessments for: children youth sports people disabled elderly nursing home resident Book an appointment for a lower limb assessment, we can treat: lower limb muscular skeletal issues diabetic foot issues foot deformity gait and walking issues standing foot pain work injuries partial foot rheumotoid arthritis ostio arthritic deformity sensory motor system peripheral neuropaththy […]

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Pain prevention Performance Improvement Professional shoe fitting for walkers metro runners performance runners tri and Marathon runners trail and off road Book an analysis of your running style Have the shoe match your style Easy and convenient at a time that suits you   

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Therapeutic Footwear for men and women Providing long lasting comfort all day. Healthy shoe choices for all Wide fittings Deep fittings all ages all lifestyle all occupations all foot shapes Our Therapeutic footwear is fitted by experts and available in comfort shoes sandals slippers work shoes work boots custom shoes to fit any shaped feet We […]

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We check children’s feet for free At school holiday time we open up some appointment slots each week for free foot checkups for children under 12. Parents and grandparents get concerned when the walk doesn’t look right on their child or grandchild. Sometimes it just needs an expert to say things are all OK. A 15 […]

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Personalised Cycling Footwear. Whether its hot foot problems or a personal shaped, designed shoe Our services include: fully custom made cycling footwear orthotics specific for cycling footwear analysis of your existing cycling shoes redesigning and/or reshaping of your existing cycling shoes – wider , shollower, deeper Our cycling shoes orthotics treat: pedalling stability forefoot pain hotspots […]

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We make custom bespoke shoes that fit your feet. If you want or need custom made shoes then know that when we make them they: are lovingly made by our perfectionist craftsmen are supremely comfortable are tailor-made and fit your feet accurately are stylish one off designs are made from breathable leather are only made with  1st choice […]

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Congenital conditions  Special Analysis Analysis of the condition, range of motion, footwear and walking capabilities Our senso-motoric orthotics are available for: children with ‘clumsy’ gait children with flat feet idiopathic toe walkers adults with low tone lower limb muscle groups low nuro-muscular, sensori and prorioreceptive responses Our specialised orthotics treat: neuro muscular responses sensori motor […]

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We make our orthotics to fit your shoes Our orthotics can treat: biomechanical issues work injuries neuro muscular conditions skeletal deformity fracture recovery heel pain plantar fasciitis metatarsalgia Our orthotics are: affordable comfortable and practical fully custom made designed to fit your shoe health insurance claimable Book an appointment to have your feet and shoes assessed. […]

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Customer testimonials

I would like to take this opportunity to pass on my sincere thanks and appreciation to Ernie and team for the two pair of custom made medical grade footware designed and produced by BFS for me.

The professional and extremely friendly attitude and service provided by yourself and shopfront team (Keira) made dealing with BFS a pleasure.

I cannot express enough my gratitude for the end result, I now am able to walk, stand and move with confidence. The boots provide a very stable platform and the design of the internal ankle brace allow me to go about my normal daily activities without extreme pain and fatigue caused by my injuries.

Not only is the craftsmanship of the boots to a very high standard but they also look and feel great.

I would recommend BFS Pedorthics services to anyone who is experiencing feet problems.

Thanks BFS.

Best Regards,

Ben Cordery

Customer sincere thanks

Ben Cordery

Hi Ernie, Thank you so much for looking after and helping James this morning. When I assessed him he had a limb length difference of approx 1.5cm, the right side being shorter. Usually I will increase the shorter limb with a 3mm heel lift if the difference is >2cm. In this particular case though, I will follow your suggestion to incorporate right shoe heel lift, thank you.

Additionally, yes the rocker sole is a great idea to reduce the sagital plane block and encourage a more fluid gait for James. This may reduce some mechanical stress and with the implementation of his custom orthotics get him through until his knee is sorted.

I will refer more patients to you, thanks for you response.

Professional practioner feedback

Professional practioner

I have been a client of Brisbane Footwear Services since October 2008. Their service is professional and of a very high standard. Without the help from their footwear walking for me would be very limited. I would highly recommend their services.

Customer high recommendation

Pam Cartwright

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What is Pedorthics?

The professional field concerned with the provision of custom made therapeutic or medical grade footwear, foot and ankle orthotic appliances and appropriate advice after assessment and analysis of the patient’s problems.