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Anne’s Story

30 Minutes might be all you need to end your FOOTWEAR  problem

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Shocking misalignment of both ankles

Anne came to us after crippling pain from arthritis could not be solved by all the foot experts she had seen.  She couldn’t walk without needing to sit for periods to rest from the pain. Countless experts have seen her and now a concerned Orthopedic Surgeon sent her to us for a pedorthic solution. Anne does not want dressy shoes. Nothing too flash. She wants to walk without pain in her ankle – in particular her right ankle.

Pedorthics provides answers that no one else does.  And just as well it does for Anne. She can get back to her busy life where she is relied upon.

Correcting the ankle posture enough offloads the stresses and the strain upon her arthritic joints.

The posture is shockingly out of alignment as seen in the photos.

Well Anne is pain free after a few days in the new footwear.

The footwear have some significant modifications. They provide a far better platform to stabalise her total foot and gait including the severe angle her ankles are in.

This may just hold surgery off all together. Anne hopes  so. In the mean time she can get back to living her life again with the need to sit down every few moments.

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Freeze frame: Corrected ankle on the left looking front on.