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Boot conversions for increased ankle support

Many people suffer from a bad ankle or perhaps both.  Getting around for any length of time causes unbearable pain.

Bad ankles are painful and when extreme it can reduce quality of life, even to nil. Sometimes surgery has failed or the ankle is inoperable.

Often custom orthotics work, but in many cases the person benefit more from a support boot.

Unfortunately a lace boot is a problem for some. Heavy, clumsy and hot. For ladies the aesthetics is the main reason to not have boots but we have found a solution.

The designers at BSF Pedorthics designed a solutions that works.  We will either modify an existing boot or make some custom made boots with built-in orthotics.

Here is an example.

This lady needs lightweight footwear for exersise and an everyday shoe.

With the bad ankle she has a leg length shortness and a fixed range of motion -plantarflexed.

 IMG_20150803_105540IMG_20150803_105524 (1)IMG_20150803_105524

The New Balance White and Purple

Designed to match into the design of the existing shoe to be as un-noticeable as you can get.  The shoe tongue is extended. The foams and paddings of the shoe top-line removed and the new top is added – including a calf upper and pigskin lining with ankle support reinforcements.

IMG_20150803_112118 IMG_20150803_112135

The Propet Sandal  And she needs a sandal that gives the same ankle support

The Pull back velcro strap gives the much needed strength to wrap the ankle and reduce the pain when walking.