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Choice?- Red and White Laces or Black Laces?

IMG_1063 (1) IMG_1062 (1) IMG_1068 (1) IMG_1066 (1)Your Choice – Red and White Lace or Black?

Here is an example of not knowing what to do.

The photos are custom made footwear for a fantastic female patient . We copied a Converse look. Rubber edged. Toe cap has concealed stitching.

This lady had talipes as a child – club foot.  Not only does she have different length feet and leg length differences the affected foot now has lost a lot of its range of motion.

It has also lost the ability to perform a lot of the micro-movements a foot needs to cope with different surfaces, terrain and sensations. Propreoception is reduced.

The human foot is made up of many many bone to bone articulations and this allows the foot to manage the movements we need to stay stationary. propel, slow down, and shock absorb the rest of the body successfully.

To get the look of the flat base converse everything is hidden inside – Buildup. Orthotics. Everything.

Some tricky stuff around the sole edge covers up some of the extra depth needed for the buildup and deep toe box.

Red and White laces  or good old Black ones – What would be your choice?