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Disguise. Don’t advertise.

Leg length buildups are mostly hard to disguise. The larger the difference the harder it is.

Men don’t seem to mind as much as women. And children and youth have a worse predicament with school colleagues ready to pick on anything non conforming.

We understand that.  Sometime the footwear  look hideous and awful. Some practitioner get it plain wrong. The reason for very specific heights and angles is to help the smooth gait transition from one side to the other when walking.  No limp. No hip sway. No knee pain.

Have your leg length difference assessed

IMG_20141023_151303 IMG_20141023_151311 IMG_20141023_151610 IMG_20141009_140622 IMG_20141025_104711 IMG_20141009_140530 IMG_0919and redesigned to alleviate the imbalance and to disguise it the best way possible.