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Have your patient assessed by experienced, competent and Certified Pedorthists.

A prescription is not necessary but very helpful with condition and previous treatments information provided. With prescription, your patient can access pedorthic services sometimes with government or private health insurance reimbursements.

Contact us for more information and how and where to book your patient an appointment with our Certified Pedorthists.

What our clients say about us

I would recommend BFS Pedorthics services to anyone who is experiencing feet problems

Not only is the craftsmanship of the boots to a very high standard but they also look and feel great!

I cannot express enough my gratitude for the end result, I now am able to walk, stand and move with confidence.

My BFS Pedorthics made boots provide a very stable platform and the design of the internal ankle brace allow me to go about my normal daily activities without extreme pain and fatigue caused by my injuries

I can walk, stand and move with confidence thanks to my custom made boots from BFS Pedorthics

The professional and extremely friendly attitude and service provided by yourself and shopfront team (Kirra) made dealing with BFS a pleasure

Ernie, I will refer more patients to you, thanks for your professional response

I have been a client of BFS Pedorthics since October 2008. Their service is professional and of a very high standard.

Without the help from BFS Pedorthics footwear walking for me would be very limited. I would highly recommend their services

Government Funding – Forms for your patient

Patient - Queensland Pensioner

As a Medical Specialist in a private capacity you can prescribe therapeutic, medical grade and orthopaedic footwear services to your patients through the Medical Aids Subsidy Scheme (MASS).

If your patient is a holder of a Queensland Pensioner and Seniors card then they can get good subsidies on all our pedorthic services. To help your patient gain access to these subsidies follow these 3 easy steps:

Step 1

  • Download and print the Medical Aids Subsidy Scheme (MASS) - Medical Grade Footwear Application Form.
Step 2
  • Fully complete the MASS Form and choose a treatment plan (page 4) for your patient either involving:
    • Fully custom made footwear
    • Using prefabricated footwear without the need to modify in any way
    • Using a prefabricated orthopaedic shoe and doing modifications to it or including foot orthotics in the treatment plan
Step 3
  • Book an appointment for your patient to be assessed by our Certified Pedorthists. Then deliver the completed MASS form to us.
Steps our Certified Pedorthists will take to help your patient include:
  • Taking photos of your patient's feet, make a copy the pension card and completed remaining parts of the MASS Form.
  • BFS Pedorthics will then electronically lodge the completed MASS Application form with the photos and the quotation for services to MASS for approval.
More information about MASS visit the Queensland Health web site

Patient - Dept. of Veterans Affairs

As a Podiatrist or Medical Specialist you can prescribe therapeutic, medical grade and custom made orthopaedic and pedorthic footwear services for your Department of Veteran's Affairs (DVA) patient. If your patient is a holder of a DVA Gold or (relevant) White health card, then they can get full funding for some of our pedorthic services. To help your patient gain access to full funding follow these 3 easy steps:

Step 1
  • Download and print the DVA Footwear Prescription Form.
Step 2
  • Fully complete the DVA Footwear Prescription Form
Step 3
  • Book an appointment for your patient to be assessed by our Certified Pedorthists.
Steps our Certified Pedorthists will take to help your patient:
  • Assess your patient
  • Complete the DVA Footwear Prescription Form with the quotation for services to DVA for approval
  • BFS Pedorthics will liaise directly with DVA and make all arrangements required, if you send the completed DVA Footwear Prescription Form direct to us. This can be via Fax, email or mail.
Footwear repairs do not require a prescription. The patient can have this work done directly with BFS Pedorthics at no cost to them.

Our Services & Products

  • Prosthetics
  • Pain management
  • Running Analysis
  • Therapeutic Footwear
  • Paediatrics
  • Cycling
  • Custom Shoemaking
  • Lower Limb
  • Orthoses and Orthotics

The Queensland Artificial Limb Service (QALS) recognises BFS Pedorthics as a Prosthetic Service Provider which enables them to provide unique and specialised full and/or partial foot prostheses, approved for funding under the Queensland Government’s Artificial Limb Scheme to eligible QALS clients. Clients are to register with QALS subsequent to an assesment by both a recognised […]

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Do you suffer pain in your feet? Our Pedorthist Ernie Tye and the BFS Pedorthics team meet people everyday who suffer from foot pain who just want to be able work, shop, and walk further and more often. Ernie uses his extensive pedorthic experience to find out what’s preventing his clients from achieving better foot […]

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Pain prevention Performance Improvement Professional shoe fitting for walkers metro runners performance runners tri and Marathon runners trail and off road Book an analysis of your running style Have the shoe match your style Easy and convenient at a time that suits you   

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Therapeutic Footwear for men and women Providing long lasting comfort all day. Healthy shoe choices for all Wide fittings Deep fittings all ages all lifestyle all occupations all foot shapes Our Therapeutic footwear is fitted by experts and available in comfort shoes sandals slippers work shoes work boots custom shoes to fit any shaped feet We […]

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We check children’s feet for free At school holiday time we open up some appointment slots each week for free foot checkups for children under 12. Parents and grandparents get concerned when the walk doesn’t look right on their child or grandchild. Sometimes it just needs an expert to say things are all OK. A 15 […]

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Personalised Cycling Footwear. Whether its hot foot problems or a personal shaped, designed shoe Our services include: fully custom made cycling footwear orthotics specific for cycling footwear analysis of your existing cycling shoes redesigning and/or reshaping of your existing cycling shoes – wider , shollower, deeper Our cycling shoes orthotics treat: pedalling stability forefoot pain hotspots […]

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We make custom bespoke shoes that fit your feet. If you want or need custom made shoes then know that when we make them they: are lovingly made by our perfectionist craftsmen are supremely comfortable are tailor-made and fit your feet accurately are stylish one off designs are made from breathable leather are only made with  1st choice […]

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Lower limb conditions BFS Pedorthics provides analysis of lower limb conditions, range of motion, footwear and walking capabilities Our senso-motoric orthotics are available for: children with ‘clumsy’ gait children with flat feet idiopathic toe walkers adults with low tone lower limb muscle groups low nuro-muscular, sensori and prorioreceptive responses Our specialised orthotics treat: neuro muscular […]

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We make our orthotics to fit your shoes Our orthotics can treat: biomechanical issues work injuries neuro muscular conditions skeletal deformity fracture recovery heel pain plantar fasciitis metatarsalgia Our orthotics are: affordable comfortable and practical fully custom made designed to fit your shoe health insurance claimable Book an appointment to have your feet and shoes assessed. […]

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