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Free foot checkup for your child


At school holiday time we open up 12 appointment slots a week for free foot checkups for children under 12.

Parents and grandparents get concerned when the walk doesn’t look right on their child or grandchild.
Sometimes it just needs an expert to say things are all OK.

I have four children of my own (grown up now). For two of them we used small arch supports to correct what was looking to be growing in a not so good shape. The other two were fine.


Small intervention but it makes a difference when and if it’s needed.

A 15 minute foot check with a Pedorthist will either provide you confidence

that the little feet are growing and developing OKĀ or give you some thoughts on whether some intervention maybe needed and if now is the right time.

With children and growing feet we are never quick to change or supplement the natural growing and strengthening of the feet and lower limb. Orthotics can be and often are incorrectly advised.

As one of Australia’s most innovative and leading Pedorthic practices BFS Pedorthics provides expert assessment and management of growing feet.

In most cases footwear choice advice is given and maybe some basic exercises for the older kids..

It’s very quick and easy and just gives a second opinion on whether things need further investigation or not.

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