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Custom Footwear for the Beach !

Saltwater Custom Footwear for Beach or Reef Wear

A project we often do is to provide an application for people living near a beach or reef or for boating and fishing.

Salt water, sand, humidity and leather don’t mix. Regular Pedorthic Leather based footwear will breakdown very quickly when used in the harsh conditions.

After assessment a cast is made of both feet and the customised application is fabricated. The remade device is fitted and checked for accuracy.

This example has an internal prostheses  and an external Orthoses with a semi-flexible sole.

Ankle support and a custom shaped Orthotic can be incorporated into this application to provide a very supportive footwear that distributes pressure from prominent or risky areas.

IMG_0868IMG_0873IMG_0876 IMG_0875 IMG_0870


Another example of a foot deformity and the application for wearing in wet and rough conditions.


This is suitably for any person foot deformities including conditions such as Charcot arthropathy and Charcot Marie Tooth.

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