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Pain management

Do you suffer pain in your feet?

Our Pedorthist Ernie Tye and the BFS Pedorthics team meet people everyday who suffer from foot pain who just want to be able work, shop, and walk further and more often.

Ernie uses his extensive pedorthic experience to find out what’s preventing his clients from achieving better foot health with less pain.

Through actively listening to his clients Ernie finds solutions for each of his clients unique foot and walking problems that balances the comfort and foot stability.

BFS Pedorthics designed and custom made footwear and foot orthotics will help you achieve better foot health and get you on the move again.

Find relief and freedom from pain to stay on their feet longer and more often book your foot assessment with Ernie today

BFS Pedorthics helps people everyday

  • children
  • youth
  • sports people
  • disabled
  • elderly
  • nursing home resident

BFS Pedorthics treat these conditions every day

  • lower limb muscular skeletal issues
  • diabetic foot issues
  • foot deformity
  • gait and walking issues
  • standing foot pain
  • work injuries
  • partial foot
  • rheumotoid arthritis
  • ostio arthritic deformity
  • sensory motor system
  • peripheral neuropaththy
  • biomechanics
  • foot pain
  • plantar faciitis

BFS Pedorthics provide our customers with

  • footwear/orthotic treatment plans
  • footwear/orthotic recommendations
  • funding sources
  • solutions to problems other practitioners could not find
  • footwear/orthotic package solution