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The footwear as unique as the foot

Creating unique footwear for clients gives us our greatest satisfaction.

One of the greatest satisfactions in life is to create something unique for someone else

At BFS Pedorthics we do it through designing exquisite custom made footwear.

We are given the opportunity by clients to provide wonderfully comfortable walking with a personally designed and hand made shoe.

Pamela allowed us to custom make a shoe for her that she has always desired.  The footwear is as unique as her foot.

Perhaps its the foot comfort or in this case the impossible to find color and style, BFS Pedorthics are experts at providing footwear answers for the most discerning client.


The personal touch. The exciting final fitting day has arrived


Special heel shape


Superbly soft leathers with quality calf lining ensures a wonderfully glove like fit



Handmade leather stitched lacing to compliment the chosen upper leather

We custom make for men and women with difficult feet or simply a unique special style.