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The Great English Shoe

Hand made, bespoke, tailor made – all descriptions usually from a bygone era.

Not at BFS Pedorthics and not it seems in England.  We still make Goodyear Welts, Brogues and all these “great English shoes” here in Brisbane Australia. Come in and see what we can do.

This article shows how the traditional men’s shoe stays popular and becomes more popular despite the throw away era  of mass production of plastic and vinyl footwear through the nineties and the next decade.


The Great English Shoe

The world, it seems, can’t get enough of our English shoes. These traditionally-made, solid-looking footwear styles have been in fashion for the last few years, and they show no sign of falling out of favour any time soon.
Built to last a lifetime, English shoes are designed to be repaired over and over again, and perfectly complement the more refined, tailoring based form of dress that today’s style-conscious gent favours.

To fulfill this worldwide demand, companies such as Church’s and John Lobb…..{click link for more}