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Bare Feet


Personalised footwear. start to finish, australian made

Certified clinicians

Evidence based clinicians who take care of clients. Over 30 years of clinical experience in analysing and problem solving clients foot, ankle and footwear issues. Certified Pedorthists with the practical application of the science to provide evidence based wearable solutions.

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Tradesmen orthopaedic shoemakers

Craftmanship. Over 60 years of trained and qualified experience in three technical staff members. Crafts people who love to do their work to perfection and take pride in the footwear and devices they make.

In Person

Walk yourself into our Woolloongabba shop.


128 Logan Road, Woolloongabba

QLD 4102

Over the Phone

Call us to book your appointment.

(07) 3391 2066

By Email

You can also book an appointment or request further information at:

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