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Pedorthics FAQ

"Footwear that fit her feet and helps her walk"


I don’t know much about Certified Registered Pedorthists. What do they do?

Pedorthists are Allied Health professionals who specialise in foot and ankle pain, gait and overall  mobility and the impact this has on a person’s overall health and life goals. Emphasis is placed on the use of footwear improvements and orthotics both custom and prefabricated, ankle braces and even completely unique custom made footwear to brace and support, to get the right balance of comfort, stability and mobility.


What are the advantages of professional Certified Registered Pedorthist services?

Pedorthics is a non-invasive treatment that covers the whole area of the foot, ankle, and lower limb gait. The advantage of going to a one-stop practitioner to provide modified footwear or orthotics is that one expert can deal with all the issues involved in your foot and walking health. Patients who have exhausted other medical options often find Pedorthists provides better overall relief.


Are Certified Registered Pedorthic services expensive? I'm concerned about the cost.

We work alongside our clients to find solutions that work for their feet, and their hip pocket. Not only that, we are an NDIS recognised provider. You may be eligible for NDIS funding to cover our services. The NDIS is not means tested. If you are deemed to have a permanent impairment you may be eligible for help. Call us today to discuss your circumstances.


What kind of training do Certified Registered Pedorthists have?

To be a fully qualified Pedorthist requires a university degree which includes practical training and assessment. The rigorous educational requirements for Pedorthists are similar to the requirements for your physiotherapist or podiatrist. Our very own Principal Pedorthist, Ernie Tye, is not only one of Australia's leading Pedorthic experts but also teaches the next generation of Pedorthists.


Are Certified Registered Pedorthists licensed practitioners?

Like most other Allied Health Practitioners, Pedorthists are licensed at the national level. The Pedorthic Association of Australia monitors the certification and recertification of Pedorthists in Australia. To comply with Government regulations for health practitioners, Pedorthists are required by the Pedorthic Register to comply with rules covering continuous professional development, Proffesional Ethics, Standards and Codes of Conduct..

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