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Footwear to help mobility

        Walking hurts...

"I don't want my foot pain to force me into an early retirement"

"I would love to continue walking with my friends"

"I just want to run around with my kids and lead an active life.

I'm too young to have my options limited by pain"

Is it my shoes?
is it my feet?
Image by Alexander Shatov
Come, Walk in our shoes

We may not know what it feels like to walk in your shoes but with BFS Pedorthics you can be certain that we will find a solution that is comfortable, supportive and suited to your style and needs. 

We know every foot is as unique as it's owner. At BFS Pedorthics we provide a caring, uncomplicated, and personal approach to pedorthic footwear assessment and pedorthic footwear services.


128 Logan Rd, Woolloongabba, QLD 4102

Opening Hours

Monday-Thursday: 8am to 430pm

Friday: 8am to 230pm

Saturday/Sunday: Closed

Townsville Clinic

APO 137 Thuringowa Drive, Kirwan, Townsville.

(07) 3391 2066

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